Dr. G A1 Clear 2-Step Solution

  • Dr. G A1 Clear 2-Step Solution
  • Dr. G A1 Clear 2-Step Solution
  • Dr. G A1 Clear 2-Step Solution

Trouble Spot Patch & Aroma Soothing Lotion

  • Targeted care for blemished skin helps rapidly clear and soothe the discomfort of trouble spots for clearer skin
  • Soothe the acne symptoms with Intensive care: Active ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil continue to work long as the patch stays on
  • Protection and External Pollution Prevention: The patch type prevents the spot area from outside air pollution and hand poisoning
  • Low Stress Easy to Use PU Transparent Film: Permeable and elastic PU material film lasts long hours during daytime and outdoor activities. Thanks to its transparent material, it is unnoticeable. 
  • Easy to apply to curvy face line
  • 2-Different patch sizes: Two size options allow users to choose the right size of patch depending on the size of the spot

How to use

  1. After washing face, apply Aroma A1 lotion on troubled skin area
  2. Take off a patch from a film and apply to troubled skin area
  3. Have the patch on the face for 8~12 hours
  4. Softly take off the patch when the time is done





12 patches x 3, Aroma A1 Skin Lotion 10mL


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