Dr. G Acne Extractor

  • Dr. G Acne Extractor

Clean AND Easy Extractor 

  • Its tip is minutely designed to remove sensitive acne on face and body. One side is big for bigger acne, and the other size is small for smaller acne.
  • This ring shape tip helps remove acne much easier and cleaner than using hands
  • No matter what the size of acne is, Acne extractor will remove them all.

How to use

1) Cleansing - Cleanse thoroughly with a gentle cleanser 

2) Opening Pores - Make skin soft and warm using a steamed towel

3) Extracting Perfectly - Extract sebum by pressing the troubled skin part with the extractor towards the opposite direction of pores

4) Soothing & disinfection - Disinfect the extracted skin part using Dr.G Aroma A1 Skin Lotion 



Extractor 1pc / Aroma A1 10mL


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