AC Care Bee's Foam Cleanser

  • AC Care Bee's Foam Cleanser

An acne and troubled skin cleanser that also functions as an emulsion for a more complete removal of excess keratin and sebum

  • Using nano-capsulation technology, the active ingredient gets delivered deeply into the skin pores for maximized cleansing and moisturizing effect.
  • Cleanse deeply and helps preventing keratin and sebum from blocking the pores. 


How to Use

Rub a small amount of cleanser with both hands into a foaming lather, massage into acne-affected areas – and wash away foam with water afterwards.


Active Ingredients

Bee venom (from Apis mellifera bee family) and emulsifier in nano-capsular form. 


The key active ingredient within the A.C. Care Cure Line is Bee Venom from the Apis mellifera family of Honeybees, which primarily act to remove keratin and sebum, eliminate acne inducing bacteria and block inflammatory agents within skin pores to heal acne lesions. 

It truly is a breakthrough formula. And the results that it will give you are really nothing short of extraordinary.



150mL (5.07 fl. oz)


Sorry, the AC Care Bee's Foam Cleanser is not currently available.

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