Dr. G White Aura Vita-20 Capsule Ampoule

  • Dr. G White Aura Vita-20 Capsule Ampoule

Highly Concentrated Vitamin Essence in a Capsule


White Aura Vita-20 Capsule Ampoule is a corrective treatment for all skin types. Highly concentrated Vitamin C ampoule provides preventive and anti-aging benefits to the skin along with protection from photo-aging. The main ingredient used in the essence, Vitamin C, is one of the many antioxidants that block damage caused by free radicals.This is a perfect skincare for your dry, tanned and dull skin. 

  • Highly concentrated oil base essence that shields skin from moisture loss
  • A capsule type packaging prevents vitamins from oxidizing
  • Nourishes and heals the damaged skin by blocking free radicals
  • Brightens skin tone


How to Use

Apply 1 capsule a day on clean skin. Gently massage onto skin.  If your skin is extremely dry, you can add the essence to your other lotion, cream, BB cream, or peeling gel.


Key Ingredients

a-Melight, CellActive White, edelweiss extract



0.32mL x 30 capsules


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