Beauty Trend Report
CC Cushion – A Must-Have Make-up Item for Fall 2014


When BB cream was first introduced in the South Korean cosmetics market, many predicted that it would completely revolutionize the industry and change the skincare/makeup routine of consumers due to its multiple functionalities of acting as a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunscreen in just one product. A few years later, the BB cream craze swept across Asia, diminishing the foundation market and its popularity became viral with most of the leading cosmetics companies in Europe and the U.S. coming out with their own version of BB creams. Followed by its popularity and demand, everyone began wondering what the next BB Cream could be and, with no disappointment, South Korean cosmetics companies introduced CC (Color Control) Cushion Compact and it has started gaining great attention and traction from consumers. Minhye Park, director of MD Skin Mall (, a cosmetics marketing and distribution company, mentioned that “the sale of CC cushion in our distribution channels has continually increased. Last year, CC cushion was only popular during the Summer season for its cooling sensation and soothing effect but, this Fall season many consumers have turned away from BB cream to CC Cushion Compact mainly due to its intense skin conditioning benefits and its convenience. CC cushion is similar to BB cream in its formula but the difference is in its packaging and added skincare benefits. Instead of packaging in a tube, the cream is packaged in a compact form with a mirror. It is easy to carry around.”


CC Cushion is in the form of liquid foundation soaked in a sponge cushion for an even application with light to medium overage. It is popular among consumers with normal to dry skin and CC cushion generally contains more skin conditioning agents than BB cream to give moisture and a dewy finish. CC Cushion Compact usually comes with an air-in-puff applicator that is designed to work best with a cushion formula by ensuring a thinner and even layered color. Eric Lee, global marketing director of Dr. G cosmetics, said, “Dr. G newly launched CC Moisture Cushion Compact that contains one bottle worth of ampoule essence to moisturize dry skin and corrects uneven skin tone with great luminosity. We have received tons of great reviews from our customers, and they were impressed by its moisturizing ingredients such as natural sea water, aloe, and shea butter.” Dr. G is a cosmetics brand that commands high regards in the cosmeceutical sector because of its clinical experience in its renowned dermatological clinic in Seoul, South Korea.


The popularity of CC cushions will continue to increase. Consumers who like light to medium coverage, but have found it cumbersome to use a foundation brush or other applicators to apply base makeup will find CC cushion very pleasurable to use. This Fall, Dr. G brand will introduce a darker color CC cushion to compliment those who like even more natural look.